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Corporate and Event Sponsor Drive

Motivation and Goals

As a non-profit organization, NATEA is seeking the financial assistance to support twenty plus high quality technical seminars, conferences and networking opportunities to our members and the community annually.

Who can be a Sponsor?

A company in US, Taiwan or anywhere who supports NATEA mission and activities. An individual donor is equally welcome. A service firm such as a lawyer firm, financial company or restaurant is ideal to establish a connection with NATEA via a sponsorship.

Incentives for Members who can Bring in Sponsors

  • An event sponsor - a free ticket to a paid event (up to $15 value).
  • A gold sponsor - one free annual conference dinner ticket.
  • A platinum sponsor - two free annual conference dinner tickets.
  • A diamond sponsor - two free annual conference dinner tickets and one year NATEA membership.
  • Note - Limit to one member per sponsor (no limit on number of sponsors per member).
Here is the Corporate Sponsorship Application Form.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

Please contact SV-SPONSORSHIP for more information.

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