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New Frontiers In Computing Technology is an annual conference focusing on the emerging science and technologies. It is a cooperation with the IEEE Santa Clara chapter.

# of years= 10

2015 NFIC (05/19): Smart Grids Ecosystems: public and private

Conference Program


2014 NFIC (05/14): The future of Online Education


2013 NFIC (05/11): Social Network Analysis: It's Who You Know


2012 NFIC (05/26): Emerging Medical Computing

Conference Proceedings

Emerging Medical Computing: Health care up close & personal – New Promises

2009 NFIC (05/24): Handheld Devices

Conference Program

Handheld Devices-New Technology Challenges – New Promises

2008 NFIC (05/20): Cloud Computing

Conference Program

Cloud Computing-the New Face of Computing-Promises and Challenges

2007 NFIC (06/16): Multi-Core Processor

Conference Program

Multicore-the New Face of Computing-Promises and Challenges

2005 NFIC (06/15): Sensor Networks

Conference Program

Sensor Networks - The New Environment

2004 NFIC (05/21): Semicondutor and Nanotechnology

Conference Program

The Coming Convergence on Semiconductor and Nanotechnology

2003 NFIC (05/20): Computer Security

Conference Program

Emerging Issues on Security, Privacy and Mobility
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