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NATEA (North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association) was founded in 1991 with the major aim to promote technological knowledge and its applications and to provide management training opportunities for Taiwanese Americans and community at large. We have since presented numerous technological seminars and social events, all open to the general public. Two years ago, we also began to offer scholarships to needy students in the Silicon Valley schools. NATEA presently has more than 2000 members. They serve in critical technical and managerial positions in various businesses in Silicon Valley and across the US. Noticeably, many of our members are founders of some of the most successful companies in the high-tech industries.

NATEA Mission
  • To promote the practical applications, of scientific and engineering know-how;
  • To facilitate technology development, entrepreneurship and job opportunities, and to provide management training opportunity for its members;
  • To support research and development in Taiwan and thereby enhance Taiwanese technological global positions;
  • To establish relationships between NATEA and other scientific or engineering organizations;
  • To increase the community awareness of the achievement of Taiwanese American engineers;
  • To encourage and provide assistance to Taiwanese American youth to pursue scientific or engineering careers.
Non-profit Organization
NATEA is a Tax Deductible Not-for-Profit Organization.
We welcome any donation via check (payable to NATEA-SV), cash, or PayPal (

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Contact Information

NATEA-SV (Silicon Valley) contact information:
P. O. Box 2772
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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